doulCi Software in the making To Bypass iCloud Activation.


Bypassing iCloud activation sounds quite pleasing and the best tool for that which was found most lethal against the iCloud activation is the doulCi software. Those of you who are busy in finding ways to grasp this tool we have a good news for you. The admins behind the scene of doulCi Server have decided to introduce this latest software to let you help in Bypassing the iCloud Activation. This will lead to the introduction of iCloud Bypass Activator software which may help the users to seek in without being noticed by the iCloud severs.

We may jump deep into all these reports what is expected by the team Merruk Technologies and AquaXetine who are behind this tool, have been driven by the idea of introducing their doulCi Software instead of their less surviving servers which may likely be compromised by the Authorities at Apple. Although the doulCi servers were made online for limited time and with all the free service the chances of being hanged in the air remained certain, as more and more iPhone and iPad user choacked the networks to their limits. In this regard a seprate software to bypass the iCloud Activation could show more results in the coming days.

iCloud ByPass Activator :

So the team behind all this ‘doulCi” have reported that they are working on a new software most probably called the iCloud ByPass Activator.  Despite the facts that the Servers are no more in the standings as this new tool may help you ByPass the iCloud Activation offline. The recent servers list as depicted on different sites are as follow.

DoulCi Server IP Address


Most Current IP Address Are:


No surprise with the most anticipated DoulCi Software; unlike the servers, you would have to remind the magical doulCi IP addresses. The software will make this possible automatically. Which sounds even more pleasant. This new doulCi Software to be known as the iCloud ByPass Activator will make it possible for you to bypass the iCloud activation on all iPhone devices including the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. While the new comers the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus would be added in the list later. The software will also be helpful for the iPads as well, supported with the iOS 7 versions.



The most interseting thing in this regard is that this most anticipated iCloud ByPass Activator will be made available for the masses for FREE. For the time being the sources has claimed that the software will be made available for both Mac and Windows users. The iCloud ByPass Activator for Mac has been reported in the final phase and the test run is on the go while the one for the Windows/PC is 85% completed yet.

We hope to get the good news as soon as possible and we will look forward to publish the direct Download Links for the doulCi Software so that our readers get their hands on this tool. So stay tuned and follow us on TwitterFacebook or  Google + for more news and Guides on how to use this most anticipated iCloud ByPass Activator. Here is the DoulCi iCloud ByPass Activator Software beta test video released by the Hackers team.

Doulci Activator Software Beta Test by Mscv50

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