Download 5 Best Free Android Icon Pack 2014.


The best thing about Android operating System is its capacity to get customized and for that there are tons of developers out there who perform the customization tasks for Android including the system utility apps and other apparel stuff that can change the look of your android device. This includes the icons pack that you use for your smartphone and the themes that are developed to change the apparel of your device.

So for your interest of customization we come back with the addition of some useful Icons in our new 5 Best Free Android Icon Pack of 2014. We have a set of 5 best designed icons list and we can assure you that the designers behind these icon packs for Android have made some really useful icons for your devices. The list of developers for the latest iCon Pack 2014 includes IND190, Vertumus, Milton Jimerson, UPpack and Flat Edge.


Madina Icons

1- Madina Icons

The first pack of icons called the Madina icons and is designed by the famous designer the IND190. This designer have been renowned as the best one from the old Nokia days. This Madina Icons pack 2014 includes some high resolution icon, including the 1300+ icons with the resolution of 144 x 144 and also some 15+ high definition of wallpapers.

The main idea design of these icons are a bit rounded square shape as seen in many previous Nokia Symbian designed stuff. You can download this set of icons for Android on any of Android device with Android 2.2 + loaded on it.


2- AroundLite – Icon Pack

With the different name of AroundLite, this icon package is not that huge and have a number of icons and its is totally free for users who love to have some cool icon. The paid version or the full version of this icon pack include some more icons in the package. but you can download and install the package right now.

HD Plane Free

3- HD Plane Free

This new HD Plane free icon pack includes over 300 icons with the resolution of 144 x 144 and have all icons designed with the highest aspect ratio with respect to the device display. The designer behind these icons is Vertumus who is already quite well known for his work. There is also a Pro version of the Icons pack available for download as well.

Halo Box

4- Holo Boxes

This new and most talked about “Colorful, flat designs wrapped around boxes for a subtle sense of depth.” Holo Boxes by Milton Jimerson is available for free with more than 600 square icons, seven wallpapers and an icon mask for unthemed apps.

Rounded Up

5- Rounded UP

If you are the lover of the older round style icons then this is the best place for you as Rounded UP by UPpack is a free flat icon pack for Android with over 800 default icons and 150+ alternatives available for Apex, Nova, Action, ADW, Go, SSLauncher, Launchy and other launchers.

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