Download 7 beautiful Google Nexus 7 Wallpapers.

Google Nexus 7 has been a year old now and everybody is eyeing for the future Nexus 7 device as Google also showed some hints that there is another Nexus 7 in the making. 

No doubt the Nexus 7 is one of the most Powerful 7-inch tablet to be found in the market. The Android boosted tablet is powered by a 1.3GHz quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor which is found to be the best graphics supported browser in the market, moreover a 1GB of RAM is there for the support. The device has 2 different variants of 8GB and 16GB on the basis of internal memory.  

With those High-End specs sheet the Nexus 7 proves to be one of the most successful 7-inch Android tablet that achieve some huge sale figures. The best thing about this tablet was the adorable HD display which can be made even more pleasent with the help of even better looking wallpapers. So we have gathered some fantastic 7 Wallpapers that will make your Nexus 7 display looks even better.

This pack of 7 Wonderful wallpapers for your Nexus 7 includes, River Forest Sunset, Water Droplets Green, Harry Potter, Black Textured, Blue Minimal Abstract, Raindrops, and Green Android.  

You can download the linked Zip file which has been given here to get all of them or simply open the gallery given below to get the best you want.

Nexus 7


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