Download and Install Moto 360 KGW42R firmware.

Moto 360 software update KGW42R rolling out now

One of the best Android wear device is the smart-watch introduced by Motorola named Moto 360. If you just bought the Moto 6 you are the lucky guy as the developers at Motorola has just released the fresh firmware update for Moto 360. The previous Stock firmware has reported some errors and bugs posted by many Moto 360 users online. This includes the not find, disconnected errors pops up repeatedly.

So if you get the Moto 360 right now the best thing you do with it is put it on charge right out of the box and when the charging completes you can update Moto 360 to the latest firmware version KGW42R which has been released recently. Meanwhile you can download all the available Android Wear apps that are listed in other posts and download them on your devices both mobile and Moto 360 to utilize more out of your smart-watch.

Whats new in the Moto 360 KGW42:

The official notes released for the update shows the new update has fixed all the issues find on the previous / stock firmware version of the Moto 360. If you have some serious issue with the Moto 360 you can download and install other fixes from the official Moto 360 page.

This Moto 360 software update is for all users. After installing the software update you will notice some changes, including:

Bluetooth connectivityImproved Bluetooth connectivity between the watch and phone to reduce momentary disconnects experienced by some users.
Charging notificationAdded a message to confirm that Moto 360 is charging in cases when its battery is fully depleted.
Bug fixesImplemented bug fixes and other system optimizations.

How to Download and Install Moto 360 KGW42R firmware:

The official Software update for Moto 360 KGW42R will be rolled out for your device all you have to do is follow these steps to download the update on your moto 360 smart-watch. But before moving forward make sure to charge your device with atleast 80% of the battery must be charged so that it can properly download the update and then download it on your Moto 360.

If you have received a notification message for this update:

Step 1- All you have to do is select the  “Download” option.

Step 2- After the KGW42R update is downloaded you can select the “Install now” option.

Step 3- After the software is installed, your Moto 360 will restart automatically.

Step 4- Your watch is now updated with KGW42R Firmware.

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