Download Android N Preview 2 NPC91K on Google Nexus devices.


Android N Preview 2

Here comes a good news for all Android N beta users who have been using the upcoming Android version on their Nexus Devices can now download and install the Android N Preview 2 NPC91K on these Nexus smartphones and tablets. The Android developers source claims that this beta update can be installed on these devices,  Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus 9 LTE and Google Pixel C.

The latest version of Android N preview 2 NPC91K has some new features added with bunch of new emoji loaded in the stock chat apps. This developers preview also seems to be much more stable then the previous beta version of the firmware released earlier for the same devices.

You can download the Stock Android N Preview 2 NPC91K on above mentioned Nexus devices by downloading the system files and flashing it on your devices.

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Download Link for Nexus 5X:

MD5: f5aa4b0b10213435569ed4833dd973f8
SHA-1: d09b15b5f8978e2fee3fbd799554de90b7012d64

Download Link for Nexus 6:

MD5: 271b758d01f61cdef71a3e4c14e90e85
SHA-1: 7c9936dca492dd9a5b279612962e3439031fcc06

Download Link for Nexus 6P:

MD5: 3f304dc1d5044768af26c8503d3fbf18
SHA-1: dcd13c44e7254916fcf7cb7fa31e0dc03737a3f5

Download Link for Nexus 9:

MD5: 466a9873111a320e5a19891de61e5609
SHA-1: ed835af7bebf26d4c12b5c30c8b1a337c06c9623

Download Link for Nexus 9G:

MD5: 419f76cdf886b18d2e7281915b9c77b0
SHA-1: 6f20b9f6b0d77dc17793db32cd2da5a0b0aa63c9

Download Link for Pixel C:

MD5: 24e8981a3c95637867eb768c0f84c96c
SHA-1: 463030f2ecdcfe9e92ddf9f3a224ac7aa5ed5866

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