Download Angry Birds Stella POP v1.0 Apk for Android

Angry Birds Stella POP v1.0 Apk

A new game developer Rovio comes to our mobile devices, and as we have seen by the holder one more game based on the already saturated and popular franchise angry birds is, though fortunately it is not an Angry Birds anymore, but It is a puzzle game .

In Angry Birds Stella POP! we are looking at the Puzzle Bobble Rovio , a game where you have to burst the bubbles of colors encounter along their current 75 levels and those to come in future updates. You can download the Angry Birds Stella POP v1.0 Apk from the following links.

Angry Birds Stella POP Features:

– Match and pop bubbles to save critters, stop piggies and score big
– Special Pops – a six-match streak unlocks a superpowered bubble
– Unlock boosts for added bubble popping power

– Action-packed gameplay – get out your slingshot and start popping
– Loads of addictive puzzles like Drop the Pigs, Beat the Clock and many more
– Master your bubble flinging and use strategy to crack tricky levels

– Explore the Golden Island map with beautiful graphics and enchanting music
– Challenge friends and see their progress by connecting to Facebook
– Sync your progress across mobile and tablet


With our slingshots have to throw bubbles that we have to combine colors and pop the bubbles that exist in the level, either to knock the pigs, save bugs or reach the ceiling.Angry Birds Stella POP! presents a variety of levels.

As many as you can imagine, Angry Birds Stella POP! is a free game with micropayments, thereby recharging find lives, bubbles and special power-ups that will help us spend more easily the game.

Download Angry Birds Stella POP v1.0 Apk

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