Download Apk Files from Google Play Store direct to PC.

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In 2008 Google launches its first app store called Android Market. Google play store was then launched by Google in March 2012. It was introduced as the single brand for Android market. In March 2012 Google strengthen its android market app store to play store for Android devices. Google play store is consisting of more than 700, 000 apps.

Google play store app can also be downloaded directly on computer as APK files. The android users are at advantage because they have wide variety of large and juicy apps then any other store. Rooting also allow the user to access more apps on android devices.

What if you are an android user and addictive to games then it’s may be hard to install more apps because of shortage of space and deleting apps then reinstalling the favorite app again is not a better choice because you have to start from scratch.

The other problem is if you own two android devices then it’s difficult to install it again and again its time consuming and tiring job. The more convenient solution to every problem is to download the apps APK file from Google play store to your computer directly. Previously Google had quite strict policies regarding the downloading of apps on any other device or computer that does not have android operating system. But thanks to APK downloader that allow you to download and the APK extension for chrome and Firefox browsers that made these downloading possible. Follow these given instructions to download APK.


Setting up APK Downloader:

Step 1: Install APK downloader web extension depending on your choice:

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the Extension/Add-ons page on Chrome/Firefox:

  • On Chrome, click the Menu button, select Settings> Extensions.
  • On Firefox, click the Menu button, select Add-ons> Extensions.

Step 3: Open downloader and click on option.

Step 4: After this you need to enter Gmail address that you are already using for Google play store. Enter the Android device ID and password.

Step 5: To get your device ID. Install device ID and open it.

Step 6: Type 16 characters device ID and tap on the login button.

Step 7: Choose your Android version, device name and device code name.

Step 8: last step is to click on the save settings option and you are done.

Now, all set for downloading apps as APK files. You can open any free page on your browser and download apps. For paid app the APK download option will not be visible until you buy them.

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