Download Choco Blocks Apk, The new Addictive game series.

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The most played and wildly popular arcade puzzle game on every platform, Candy Crush might have gained some fame due to its addivtive puzzle gameplay but when the addiction of the game started to fade away a new satan pops up and this time its the Choco Block a game that is described as the new Addiction enforcer right after the famous Candy Crush series.

The Choco Block has been developed by the MediaFlex Games and is posted under the Puzzle catgory on the Google Play Store but this Puzzle turn based game has much more to offer for you and will make you go deep into it and solve all the puzzles/ stages with lesser moves or you have to spend real money to unlock all the features or get some help.

The Choco Block Latest verison is the Choco Block v1.5.3 and has been posted on the Google Play Store with the latest game features and description that can be seen below. The game will test your brain at the best, the game turns out tougher and tougher with every stage passed. This resulted in many clever masters to stuck at different levels from 30-40.  We have brought the Choco Block v1.5.3 Apk for you to download and play on your device but first read the description of the game. This is the latest version of the game released in April 2015 and here is the main features of this updated version of the game.

Main Features of Choco Block:

Choco Blocks is the ultimate brain-bending, chocolate-building puzzler! Have you ever wanted to work in a chocolate factory? Well here’s your chance!

Join master chocolate maker Dr. Choc E. Tash and use his magic chocolate machine to take on hundreds of addictive and fun-filled levels!

  • Unlock loads of different types of chocolate! Everything from classics like caramel and whole nut to delicious new bars like Rocky Road and strawberries & cream!
  • Exciting power ups including the Hammer, Golden Block and Multiplier make for even more chocolately fun.
  • Simple to learn, no complicated rules – just pick up and play!
  • Play against your friends in a quest to become master chocolatier!
    Some of our excellent reviews so far:

“Addictive like the real thing!!” – Meadowcocker

“My new favourite game. So much fun and really addictive. I play this more than candy crush now!!” – Deanoooooooooooooooooo

“Choco is an easy going yet intriguing game. It is something I could let my kids play without the angst of worrying about what they are playing.” – MDoogie

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How to Download Choco Blocks v1.5.3 Apk and Install it:

1- First of all make sure to download the Choco Block v1.5.3 Apk from the link given below.

2- Choco Block v1.5.3 Apk

3- Make sure to check the Unknown Source option in Settings> Security menu.

4- Install and enjoy the best out of the Angry Birds Transformers game.

5- Done!

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