Download EMUI 3.0 Huawei Latest OS for Honor and Other Devices.


Chinese firm Huawei continues to take steps on their way to conquer our markets, is that in Europe had not yet gotten off the unfounded stigma of being a Chinese manufacturer. Yesterday we knew that Huawei would leave the Ascend brand to launch a new strategy when naming their new devices, and today we have EMUI 3.0, the new customization of Android to be used by future terminals and Huawei Honor.

Actually, EMUI 3.0 is not a new interface, and the Ascend Mate 7 and used, although it was not until today when the Chinese manufacturer has officially unveiled with full honors.


It is true that often do not understand some movements, and in this case while most manufacturers strive to lighten their software layers to improve the updates, Huawei presents a very intrusive customization , who even dare to define as an operating system based on Android.

Using similar to Apple iOS and MIUI, EMUI 3.0 philosophy in the application launcher is completely eliminated by placing the icons of the applications installed directly on the desktop. In addition, we have modified all the graphics interface to a uniform design and operating system applications.

It is true that EMUI 3.0 looks good, though perhaps not necessary to perform such a deep personalization if it is not intended to give the sense of a fork or the like, as does your MIUI Xiaomi. We will see the welcome that give users, is that the holders of Honor in June will soon receive an update with the new version of EMUI.

Download EMUI 3.0

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