Download Fleksy one of the best android phone Keyboards with tons of new features.

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The best thing about Android is that its the most customizable platform ever made for smartphones. We have seen just seen how some hardcore Android fans customized the whole user interface of the Android Jelly Bean in to Beta version of the iOS7 by using some apps. Today we will let you know one more beautiful keyboard app “Fleksy“, which is simple but yet got tons of features that most other Android Keyboards don’t have in their arsenal.

The app has already received a solid update yesterday and the new version is even more stable in performance. The app file size has been also reduced and some new features like fully re-size able keys option added among other tons of new features. The previous version was just available in black theme while now they have added the Vanilla theme which seems to be more appealing and adds a taste of Apple’s very own iOS 7 keypad.

Fleksy is available for download but for only those who join the developers group on Google+. Yes its a new trick by Google to make let developers share their apps to their hardcore fans. The developer at Syntellia Inc. and there group BlindType has designed this new keyboard which actually was made for fast typing or even you can term it as Blind typing. But it is smart enough to figure out where you are heading and will correct your mistakes quicker than you ever thought. The other well known feature is that it supports the voice typing and also if you type fast it read out loud what you really type on the screen.

I personally think that Samsung Galaxy S4 users must try this Fleksy keypad as the stock Touch Wiz UI keyboard is slow and lagy as so many people have complained about it and transferred to 3rd party keyboards/keypads.  You may have used other keyboards as well but if you are really want something new than I would like you to use this keypad and I bet you won’t look back.

The updated features in the new Fleksy as posted on their Google Play Store description.

Fleksy keypad,    Fleksy black keypad

The full changelog:

  • Fleksy is now resizable, from Full to Tiny!
  • Introducing: Vanilla, Fleksy’s first theme!
  • Reduced file size by 25%, memory usage by 15%. More to come
  • Configurable Haptic Feedback duration
  • Smoother animations
  • Improved web typing
  • Removed white text box hiding app in landscape
  • Increased accuracy
  • Improved Tutorial
  • Dictionary will backup in cloud for stock Jelly Bean
  • Bugs squashed [S4 flicker, swap invisible, bullets, facebook tag, KingSoft Office, and more]

How To Download Fleksy On Google Play Store: To download you must follow the developers page on Google+ and for that you need the Google+ account,  Join Beta Group. Than you will be able to spot the app on Google play Store Here Play Link. Stay tuned and do follow us on TwitterFacebook or  Google +

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