Download Flickr 2.0 for Android, Bring high-res photo-centric look.

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Flicker has updated it’s app for Android, by posting Flickr 2.0 on the Google Play store. This official updated app for Android has an awesome newly polished look. The User Interface has been changed to a great extent making the app over all look and feel better, the new version is much more fluid and smooth to operate. 

Yahoo has made one more brave step by letting their users to upload high-resolution images keeping the same quality as they were taken by high-end cameras. The smartphone cameras available now can also capture some amazingly high quality photos and If you have a flickr account you can post them in an instance without losing any quality of what you captured.

Yahoo also made it clear that everybody must have a Flickr with offering a mind blowing 1TB( 1 Terabyte) space for it’s users, and this will be a great news for the photographers who want to keep whatever they shoot.

The new Flickr 2.0 features that has been described at Google Play store.

Flickr Features:
1. Full bleed and high-resolution images
2. Justified views everywhere
3. Sixteen artistically designed filters
4. Photo editor that allows you to enhance, draw, crop, add text or retouch your photo to get them just how you want them
5. Your photos are always yours on Flickr and we give you complete control of your privacy with every photo you take
6. Find and join groups, share photos and join the discussion
7. Explore beautiful and interesting photos from the massive Flickr community – nearby or across the globe
8. Keep track of where you take photos automatically with geo tagging

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You can download the app here .


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