Download Flipboard 3.0.2 APK for Android Free

Download Flipboard 3.0.2 APK for Android Free

Flipboard Your News Magazine .As suggested by the name, Flipboard is your very own personalized magazine. I used the word personalized because you can choose what you want to see in your own magazine. The app is basically a platform where you can see all your news feed from different social media and other websites including your topics of interest. To start with, you will have to sign in using your email address, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts.Once you have signed in, you need to select the topics that you want to read about from a vast list including News, Technology, Travel, Politics, Art, Photography, Science, Music, Food and many more. The app is available for free in Play store. You can also download Flipboard 3.0.2 APK for Android from the following links.

Flipboard Features:

News Feed

The topics that you will choose will be displayed on Flipboard in the form of a magazine bringing the latest news to you every day. You can Tap any of the tiles to read the detailed story. Apart from that, the news will also include stories from your Facebook Timeline, Tweets from your Twitter and Latest updates from Instagram if you have connected your Flipboard with any of the social media.Flipboard has a search tool at the top right to search and go directly to a story without scrolling down to find that particular story.


If you find anything interesting and worth saving, you can tap on the + icon and save it to your own magazine. This way you can collect different items in your magazine to make it more interesting. You can also see magazines made by other users by going to “By Our Readers” section in the Content Guide.


If you like a story in your Flipboard’s news feed, you can easily share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email. You can connect Flipboard to up to 12 social networks.


You can add the widget of Flipboard in a separate panel on your home screen easily access your personalized magazine. It appears great and you can flip through the stories and tap any one you want to read in detail or share. It can also lead you to Facebook to comment on a picture or Twitter to like or re-post a tweet and much more.

Flipboard has millions of users around the world and is a brilliant and beautiful way to see all your favorite things at one place; catch up with the latest news, get updated by new discoveries, technology and science and see posts from friends.

Download Flipboard 3.0.2 APK for Android Free [ Click here ]

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