Download Flying Cyrus-Wrecking Ball – the most crappy form of Flappy Bird for iOS.


No doubt Flappy bird becomes the most famous 8-bit game for mobile devices recently which leads the gameplay theme getting viral with more adevelopers trying to mix their flavours in the most simplest yet most difficult game play. Although the developer behind the Flappy bird has removed his game from both Android and iOS app stores, but the theme of the game is still alive. Although there are tons of flappy bird type games emerged on these stores but we have find the most creepiest of them is the “Flying Cyrus- Wrecking Ball“.

The game features the most talked about singer Miley Cyrus and his famous rated song Wrecking Ball. The developers has developed the game citing the game’s addictive features added his mockery to the game letting the gamers the option if they would still play something similar with more fun to watch and play.

This new challenging Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball game is on the top charts of the iTunes app store with the presence at top of the list in the Free app chart. The game play is same as flappy birds but the bird has been replaced with Miley Cyrus’s head and you have to pass it through  the hanging big black balls with the hammers below them shaping as obstacles, as seen in the images above.

The app is available on the app store for all regions and countries and it is free to download. Its a bit heavier than the flappy Birds Kb sized game, despite having the same creepy graphics it weighs 3.5 MB. You can download it from the links given below.

Flying Cyrus   Wrecking Ball on the App Store on iTunes

If you are who think Miley has caused a stir once again when she released her new music video for “Wrecking Ball.” You can show your hate by playing this game, and if you dislike Miley fans, then this is the best mocking gift.

Download : Flying Cyrus-Wrecking Ball [App store] [ Size 3.5MB]

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