Download FramaRoot v1.9.2 Apk, The best rooting app.


For Rooting any Android device with one click for every Android device user we recommend the Framaroot App which will let you root any Android device in an instant. This app is recommended for Android 2.0+ to Android 4.0+ versions including the latest Android KitKat v4.4.4 which has been released recently.

The Framaroot app has been updated to the version 1.9.2 and we have the direct link for the Framaroot Android Rooting v1.9.2 Apk. But before going further for users who have not used this app before here are some introductory lines about the framaroot and how this app works in rooting any Android device you have.

FramaRoot App is one of the best Android rooting app used by many Android users. You may need a computer,laptop or any device running Windows. You can root any Android device with a single click as it will take less then 5 seconds to root that device.

Note: If you have any query or questions regarding Framaroot Android Rooting App, than you can directly ask a developer of the app in the official XDA-developers forum thread HERE. In the download links you have the choice of other download options as well, as older Framaroot versions are also available for download.

Framaroot App Results

Download Framaroot Android Rooting App .APK File via Direct Links:
You can download and install the Framaroot Android Rooting app from the links given below. All these links are direct links to the Apk files. There are  different versions of the app given here. All of these versions of the app are stable and well working you can download any one from the given links below.
Download Framaroot App 1.9.2 .APK FileDownload Framaroot App 1.9.1 .APK FileDownload Framaroot App 1.9.0 .APK File

Credits: XDA Forums

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