Download Google Hangout Extension for Google Chrome.

The Google I/O 2013 came up with lot of new services added to the previous list of Google services and among them is the addition of the New Google Hangout service. The new Google Hangout is nothing new but it is actually the addition of new services to the old Google talk platform. The chatting service has gone a step forward with the adoption of better image sharing and file sharing services. 

Moreover the Google Hangout has been made available on all platforms including Mobile, Tablets and the PC or desktop computers. The developers at Google made it sure that the millions of users using their Google Chrome browser will get this new Google Hangout service.  The new extension with the name of “Video Call Launcher for Hangouts” have been added with which you can surely chat with your Google + or Google contacts, it also support the screen sharing option, the new features like drive management have also been added. In Fact there have been other numerous services that can be directly run from Google Hangout with the help of this extension.

This application is official Google also offers calls, video chat, and management of all possible services offered by Google. We tested it just yet but we recommend you install it and “have a go”.

Download Google Chrome Hangouts Extension for Google Chrome

Or you have the option to download the video chat capabilities for your browser with this stand alone version of the Google Hangout.

Download Stand Alone version.

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