Download Google Translate v3.2.12 Apk for Android [ Direct Download ]

Download Google Translate v3.2.12 Apk for Android

Google Translate is the most popular language translator used all around the world. It is diverse, reliable and makes translation easy. It has been a source of convenience for people who need to travel at different places and have to work across languages.Android has now made it more convenient for its users by bringing Google Translate app in the Playstore. The app has gained its popularity with millions of users currently using the app to translate into various languages. Google Translate is capable of translating between 80 languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu and a lot of other languages. It also includes traditional and local languages of some areas as well. You can download Google Translate v3.2.12 Apk directly on your devices from the following link or you can download Google Translate v3.2.12 from Google Play Store.



  1. Google Translate out stands the other language translators by giving its users various input formats to translate languages.
  2. The app allows typing the sentence you want to translate or you can also speak naturally and the app will interpret the sentence for you.
  3. Apart from that, if you are reading a document or a magazine and come along a sentence in another language and do not know how to type it, you can simply take a picture of that and let the app translate that for you.
  4. I find it much convenient as it saves us from the hassle of typing the whole sentence and lets us translate by any of the three methods.


Offline Mode

  • This is not only an online translator but also an offline translator so that if you are traveling or do not have access to the internet, you can still translate using the app as the boundaries of internet connectivity does not apply.
  • The app has a very simple user interface with one typing space and the translating appear below it. You can choose the languages from the list provided. Below the typing space are the options to choose the input method; Camera icon for picture input and mic for audio input.
  • Once the app has translated the sentence for you, you can hear it by taping the red speaker icon in the bottom center. This lets you pronounce the words correctly if you are not aware of that language before.



The app comes with a dictionary as well and you can look up the meaning of the words conveniently from with in the app. it has a comprehensive dictionary to let you know not only the meaning but also different aspects of the particular word to be used as a noun, verb or preposition, etc.

With so many different features this app can prove to be one of the best translators till now. It can be used for various purposes including translating a quote from a book, a travel guide, a video from Youtube and much more. In my opinion the app is easy to use and very helpful. The app can be downloaded for free from Android Playstore. Camera and offline modes are available for Android 2.3 and later.

Download Google Translate v3.2.12 Apk for Android [ Direct Download ]

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