Download GTA Vice City 100% Saved Game files for Android.


GTA Vice City game is one of the most played game on PC, Xbox or PlayStation, now as the game moved to the mobile devices the charm is still on as millions of downloads of the game has been made on both iTunes and Google Play Store. The game is available on sale now on both stores. If you have downloaded it and you are in a fear of never gonna complete it any time soon. We @axeetech has a solution for you.

You can download the GTA Vice City 100% Saved Game files from the link given below and follow the instructions given below to get most out of the game by roaming all across the map, using all types of weapons and loads of money that have been gathered in completing the missions. But before going further lets see what is new in the latest version of GTA Vice City for Android.

Rockstar Games brings its biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of Vice City and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with enhanced visual fidelity and over 70 hours of gameplay. With this saved game you will get all the locked cars and they can be found in these places.

Sunshine Autos:
● Blue PCJ-600
● Silver PCJ-600
● BP/FP/EP PCJ-600
● Black Sanchez
● Roofless Bloodring Banger 1
● Roofless Bloodring Banger 2
● FP Romero’s Hearse
● Romero’s Hearse
● Mettalic Black/Red Bobcat
● Spand Express
● Black Rancher
● Black Voodoo
● Black Sentinel
● Black Admiral
● Black Washington
● Black Pony

Hyman Condo:
● Shady Blue Maverick
● Lightless Cabbie
● Lightless Taxi
● Lightless Kaufman Cab
● Silver Stretch
● Golden Stretch
● White Walton
● Secondary Grey Color Patriot
● Snowwhite Admiral
Vercetti Estate:
● BP/FP/EP Sabre Turbo
● AP Admiral 2x
Ocean Heights:
● FP Cheetah
El Swanko Casa:
● FP Infernus
Links View safehouse:
● FP Banshee
These are currently all the vehicles in the game that are obtainable (of my knowledge)
I heard about these vehicles but there are no tutorials on how to get them so i am trying to figure out:
● Lightless Zebra Cab
● Loadless Packer
The save file also has the following additions:
● 1.3 Million dollar. Will do Vigilante for more in the future
● Sunshine Autos completed so the Hotring Racer will spawn there.


How to add 100% Saved Games files to GTA Vice City for Android:

Follow this step by step guide to download 100% save game file and inject it into the game to get access to a completed game.

Step 1: Download the file given in the link below and move it to your device.

Step 2 : Now all you have to do is start the GTA Vice City game on your Android device and save it with a new name once.
Step 3: Now close it and move to the folder ” Android\Data\ ” from a file explorer app on your device.
Step 4: Inside the RockStar games data folder paste the Saved game file replacing the old files, Make sure to copy those files which you have earlier so that if in case game crashes you can undo the paste.
Step 5: Now open the game and here you go, You have 100 % finished game with everything unlocked and working.
Enjoy the game and if you have any issues simply post it in our comments section below. Meanwhile you can get 100% saved game fro the GTA San Andreas from here.

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