Download HTC Sense 7 Camera Apk and Gallery Apk for Any Android device.


Overall I don’t like HTC device because I had not a good experience because of HTC poor battery timings. HTC has many devices in the market and most you do like them, but still people have lot of complains about HTC devices. At the current moment HTC latest flagship HTC One M8 has proven that HTC is still in the game i mean its design is awesome, overall material is good, OS is interface is quiet good, but one thing is the best ” HTC Camera ” and HTC Gallery with the same Sense 7 user interface. HTC has worked really hard on their camera app and hardware and good thing is that now other manufacture can enjoy the HTC Eye Experience on their devices.

You all are wondering how ? great news is that HTC Camera App is on Android that means now you can enjoy the HTC Camera experience on your Android devices. You can download HTC Camera & Gallery app from Google Play Store, but there is an issue this device is compatible only with Android 4.4 or higher. No need to worry you can download the HTC Camera apk from the following links below. Install HTC Camera apk and the HTC Gallery Apk as you install all other Android apk’s.


Download and Install HTC Camera & HTC Gallery Apk for Android:

Step 1: Download HTC Camera apk directly on your device from the given links below.

Step 2: Now open downloads folder on your device.

Step 3: Tap on HTC Camera apk from your download folder.

Step 4: Follow all the instruction given on your phone screen.

After few seconds you installation will be completed and you can enjoy the HTC stock Camera app on your Android phone and tablets.

HTC Camera apk & HTC Gallery 

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