Download iOS 9 Theme for Android devices.

iOS 9 Theme for Android (1)

The iOS 9 have been announced today and it has a lot of features updated mostly taken from the Android, As we see the force touch or the 3D Touch feature which have been on Android device for ages now. But if you are an Android fan but you want to adopt the new looks and feels of the iOS 9, here we are with the best available iOS 9 Theme for the Android devices.

All you have to do is follow the instructions given in the detailed guide below and you will have the iOS 9 Theme for Android device whether its Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z5 or the LG’s latest G4 Flagship device. You can have the iOS 9 Wallpapers and icons pack downloaded and working for your device to give you a bit of iOS taste for your Android device.

The Main features of iOS 9 Theme:

To download the iOS 9 theme for Android you must download the iLauncher app, A 3rd party launcher which is specifically designed to make your Android device looks like an iPhone or iPad. With this Launcher app you can have the

1- iOS 9 Wallpapers with 3D Parallex effect.

2- iNoty for the iOS Style notification bar.

3- All the trademark icons from the iOS 9 and many more theme features

iOS 9 Theme for Android (2)

How to download iOS 9 theme on Android Devices:

Follow the guide below to have the iOS 9 theme downloaded and install on your device.

Step 1: First of all Download all these 3 files on your Android devices.

1- App: iLauncher from the Play Store or
2- Icon Pack:…aper-539462218
3- Sounds:…

Step 2: Once done you can Install these files on your device.

Step 3: Here is the best available guide video for you to learn how to install or paste these files into your Android device [ Video Link YouTube]

Step 4: Once done all you have to do is set the iLauncher as your default launcher so that you can get the iOS 9 features and looks every time you press the home button on your Android device.

That’s it hope you like the new looks and features of the iOS 9 Theme for Android devices.

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