Download iOS7 Official Wallpapers, Ringtones and Alert Tones now for your iPhone.

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So the iOS 7 final version is yet to be released but we have most of it already with the iOS7 GM firmware (Gold Master) brings the final looks and feel of the iOS 7 with addition of new Wallpapers and Ringtones which we did expected to show up in the Final build to be announced on September 18th.

Some developers managed to extract the Official iOS7 wallpapers and ringtones along with alert tones and shared it on the web for those who want to experience these new tones and wallpapers on the older iOS 6.X firmware can download it. Unfortunately we have the iPhone 5 wallpapers yet  which can be used on iPhone 4 and 4S and even on older units by changing their resolution. But we expect to get the iPad wallpapers soon as well.

iOS7 official wallpapers, iOS7 new wallpapers, iOS7 iphone wallpapers (11)

iOS7 official wallpapers, iOS7 new wallpapers, iOS7 iphone wallpapers (16)

There are a total of 33 iOS 7 Official wallpapers in this Bundle pack which will surely enhance your device looks. You can select the ones you like from the Gallery below or simply download this *.zip file given below.

iOS7 Wallpapers.Zip

You can sync these new Wallpapers with your iPhone using iTunes. When these new wallpapers transferred to your device, Just click on the Settings app and navigate to the Brightness and Wallpapers, there you can see the newly added Wallpapers you can simply select the best among them and set it as Home Screen or Lock Screen.

iOS7 Official Ringtones and Alert tones:

So the new iOS7 ringtones and alert tones are also packed in a zip file which can be downloaded from the given link below.

iOS7 Official Ringtones.

Now if you want to add these iOS7 Official Ringtones and Alert tones you will have to download the above zip file, Extract the content on your PC desktop now open iTunes and connect your iPod or iPhone with your PC. You can now drag and drop all extracted file, 27 ringtones and 10 alert tone to your iTunes library.

Click on the Devices button in the top right corner, and select your iPhone from the list of devices.Click on the Tones tab, select “Sync Tones” if not already selected, and click on the “Apply” button.

This will sync ringtones with your iPhone or iPod and this will make you enjoy the latest iOS7 tones in your older iOS x devices.

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