Download Jurassic World HD Wallpapers Free

It is a more or less round tape (we tell you what we had thought ), Jurassic World had everything to succeed this weekend, its opening to the world. And so it has been. Joining dinosaurs action, an actor well known now and enjoy the trail left by the previous films in the series has been an absolutely winning combination. It has become the first film to exceed $ 500 million of revenue in the first weekend. US data collection Jurassic World have been left very little to break the record keeping Avengers 207 million. The second tape keeps dinosaurs 204 million in the first weekend. Download the Jurassic World HD Wallpapers Free from the followings.

Something similar has happened in the world, where 314 million of the final film in the saga of Harry Potter has been ahead too narrowly. 7 million Highlights the huge $ 100 million it has raised in China.

Other interesting data in this release are those who say that 50% of the box office with the rooms were broadcast in three dimensions. And you also saw this weekend Jurassic World?

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