Download latest WhatsApp 2.11.92 Apk for Android

latest WhatsApp 2.11.92 Apk for Android

Yesterday, WhatsApp Messenger app for Android has received another update, but you may know that the new version isn’t available for download onto Google Play Store.

Here I will give you this latest version 2.11.92 of WhatsApp for Android provided by developers. It may never be released on Google Play Store, but the Android users who want to have the latest version of this application can download and flash it this application using the Apk file from its developer’s website.

I should tell you that the latest iteration isn’t a major update, and it comes more as a small update, unfortunately for the latest WhatsApp Messenger version 2.11.92 we don’t have an official change log to see the changes which comes the same. But, as the development team has accustomed us we can assume that the new version added some new tweaks, bug fixes and improvement.

Those who are out of the loop theT WhatsApp app Messenger for Android is a Messenger application that uses the smartphone 3G or WiFi network connection to message with your friends who have it installed. You can switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send or receive your messages, audio notes, video message, pictures and more.

Here all users can now download and install WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.92 Apk (latest version) or Android totally free via the link below.

Download latest WhatsApp 2.11.92 Apk for Android

You should know that WhatsApp Messenger app first year is free and after this period it is available for $0.99 USD/year.

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