Download Microsoft Paint Preview with 3D painting features for Windows 10.


You might have heard about the Microsoft’s revamped paint app which has been shown in a recent video preview by the company showing a whole new paint app code-named Microsoft Paint Preview. The new app lets you draw in 3D and has many more real useful features added. I have personally downloaded and installed the Microsoft Paint Preview app and today I want to let you know how to do is by following these simple steps given in the guide below. But first here are some of the main features of the Paint Preview for Windows 10.

Paint Preview for Windows 10:

  • Open and edit JPG, PNG, BMP and others.
  • Crop, and rotate an image.
  • Changing the size of an image.
  • Selection of a type and size of the pen, pencil or brush.
  • hexadecimal colors.
  • customizable text (font, size, color, background color, centering, bold, italic, underline).
  • Forms in 2D and highly customizable.
  • Elements in 3D with a minimum of customization.
  • Access to the community to discuss this project.
  • Import and export of 3D models.
  • Sharing the image.
  • Many other functions.


How to download and install Microsoft new Paint Preview app for Windows 10:

First and the most important thing for you is to check if you have the elligible version of Windows 10 installed on your PC, This Paint Preview app can be installed only on following updates.

1- November Update (Build 10586)

2- Anniversary Update (Build 14393)

3- Redstone 2 Update (Build 14936 or later ) for the 64-bit version.

Once you checked your updates you have to follow these steps.

Step 1: first of all go to your Windows Store app and go to settings and switch off or uncheck the automatic update option on the Store.


Step 2:  Now you have to Download and extract the archive Paint-WindowsBlogItalia from here to your Local C drive (C:/)  (password:WindowsBlogItalia-0Bau4nQhDgkaWj2BFPjy ).

Step 3: Once downloaded go to Cortana Search Box and type Windows PowerShell. Once it shows up right click on the app and run it as administrator.


Step 4: Type the following command, ( Add-AppxPackage C: \Paint-WindowsBlogItaliaand press Enter, now Wait until the app is injected.


Step 5: Once done tap on the Windows button or Go to the Start menu, You will see the Paint Preview app over there as seen in the image below. Don’t open it yet.



Step 6: Now open the Store again and go to the Profile >> Download and Updates >> Check for Updates. Once the process completes you will see a new app showing with the name Newcastle. You have nothing to do with it. ( Don’t install it or you will have to do the whole process again) Leave it alone.


Once rechecked. Simply close the Store and now open the app from the start menu. Here you go. Enjoy drawing some cool stuff on this latest Microsoft Paint Preview app. As this is the beta version yet, so when I was using this pen was not working and every time I tried to use it the app crashed, may be it works for you. Else it works like a charm. Enjoy and keep sharing the word.


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