A complete guide on how to download my My 11 Circle app and make money

Today, the online gaming platform is not confined within the boundaries of video games stagnantly. It even has introduced its set of money-earning games, like GetMega that let players enter the journey in pursuit of rewarding benefits in the form of money.

Although these kinds of games have their own share of to-dos, no other types of games come close to their popularity. And My 11 Circle is no exception. If you want to learn how to download the My 11 Circle app on your device, let’s not waste further time and keep reading on accordingly.

My 11 Circle app

Steps to Download My 11 Circle on Your Smartphone

To sign in with My 11 Circle APK’s latest version from an external source, you must install the third-party platform. Visit your Settings icon & scroll down to find the ‘Security’ section. Here you will require allowing the ‘Unknown Sources’ and proceed with the download. Upon installing the application, check the downloaded version in your download section and install it by following these steps:

Step 1: Ensure to download the latest version of the My 11 Circle APK app. 

Step 2: After downloading your file, now’s the right time to monitor its status. You will need to use the notification bar for this purpose. When your download gets done, now is your time to install it.

Step 3: Now, all you need is to allow the Android device to permit the apk file download from an untrusted source. You need to enable it by visiting the settings option.

Step 4: Right after you enable this option, you have to tap on install to follow its on-screen prompts. If you get a warning such as Blocked by the Play Protect, tap on INSTALL ANYWAY!

Step 5: The installation will not get finished within some minutes. And its software is ready to use! 

Can You download My11Circle On Windows Device?

My 11 Circle is available for all mobile users; however, when you wish to download it for a Windows device, you may require a system requirement. And one significant thing to consider before downloading is the emulator. So, what exactly is an emulator? And how will it help you download the app on your Windows device? Well, what an Android emulator does is mimic the environment of the Android device. So, by downloading & installing the emulator, you will be able to get the most amazing experience of playing My 11 Circle on the Windows laptop or device. Let’s take the example of BlueStacks Android Emulator because, in this particular list of steps, we are going to use BlueStacks. However, there are other Android emulators available on the market.

So, finally, let’s start off with the system requirements. To download the My 11 Circle app and install it:

  • You require the latest Windows laptop
  • A powerful processor of 2GB of RAM 
  • 2GB of graphics card

You would also need good internal and external storage capacity! Now that you have learned the multiple system requirements – let’s straight go off to the section of steps. So, without further delay, keep reading on.

Steps to download My 11 Circle on your windows device

If you want to download My 11 Circle on a Windows device, follow the steps mentioned below. Let’s briefly elaborate on the following steps so that understanding them becomes easier for you:

Step 1: So, the very first thing you need to consider is to get the BlueStacks Android emulator. And you may even download its latest version. Visit the official website of this emulator in order to download the .exe file.

Step 2: Upon this, all you require is to install that emulator on your Windows device. Be doubly sure of choosing a proper drive for installation. It is better to choose your SSD. Now’s the right time to wait for some minutes for that emulator to get installed on the device! After this, you will have to head to the following step.

Step 3: As soon as you complete installing it, now’s the time to customize your device’s setting. The best way you can do it is by selecting the display resolution, CPU cores, Graphics Engine, DPI, as well as RAM amount that you want to dedicate to the instance. You might even lock that FPS and set a dedicated notification for games on the desktop.

Step 4: The next step is to download the My 11 Circle .apk version available to you’re your Android device. As soon you download it, now’s the right time to install the app. Just wait for the installation to get completed! 

Step 5: As soon as the installation gets completed, you now need to visit the BlueStacks emulator. There, you will get the application.

As the post covers, you have seen the best way to download the My 11 Circle app on both your phone and Windows device here. So, visit GetMega and check out the latest offerings.

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