Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Keyboard Apk file with latest Emoticons.


Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy s6 edge are the latest innovation. Galaxy S6 is the finest Smartphone ever introduced by Samsung. Its features, outlook, super fast processor, camera, display screen and many other features made it best phones and hot cash for the company. Samsung has already maintained its position in the market but after the release of this amazing Smartphone Samsung successfully bounced back its market position which was somehow lost by Samsung Galaxy S5.

Finally Samsung cast away its low cheap plastic covers to metallic body which is now being adopted by Apple in making the iPhone 5C and reports of the launch of iPhone 6C . Now the users can feel that they are holding something expensive. It’s light weight but still made of solid Gorilla glass with aluminum sides and its slimmer in look then other Galaxy series. Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most stylish, elegant and worthy Smartphone for those users who wants fast processor.

For all those people who waited long for the Galaxy device needs to know that the developers of Galaxy S6 brought tons of customization in both hardware and software. Whenever Samsung or any other android device is announced in market the developers start working on the apps, launcher and widgets. The users can easily try it by downloading if from the Google play store for free. Android is an open source software and everyday multiple apps are published on the Google play store that can be accessed by any Android users.  Samsung also give importance to those apps that are useful for the users and now days the latest application is the Samsung Galaxy S6 keyboard apk. This app has pretty and user friendly interface that will make your keyboard looks attractive.

Samsung has promised to makes it Touchwiz worthy for its users and Samsung is keen to introduce new themes, wallpapers to make it look nice, truly Samsung made it better than before so that Galaxy S6 Touchwiz Keyboard apk looks more cooler and faster and is loaded with the latest Emoticons as well. Touchwiz is consisting of multiple apps in which most of them are not required by users. But this new version of Touchwiz comes with keyboard app that is actually adopted by many users.

New keyboard for Galaxy S6 comes up with impressive look, colors and it offers a unique performance for the users. The big size of letters made it more clear and visible. The prediction feature is more advanced that can easily recognize the mostly used words by suggesting different options above the keyboard. This feature improves the texting speed. The auto correction also helps to type each word correctly.


So if you want to enjoy the new look of your keyboard the follow the given steps.

How to Install Samsung Galaxy S6 Keyboard APK

1) First step is to install the keyboard APK file:

2) Extract the zip file and put the APK file to system/app/SamsungIME.

3) Shift the library folder to system lib and set the right permissions.

4) Now reboot your Samsung device and experience the change.


Once your device boots again, head on to the messages, I guess the fastest app to open on your Galaxy S6 😉 After entering in to messages tap on the new Message button on top left and as soon as you do that, the new Samsung Touchwiz keyboard will pop up for your pleasure.

You can go to the settings menu of the keyboard by taping and holding the option button on the bottom right of the screen to turn off the keypress vibration or default languages changes. In this latest Samsung Keyboard Apk you can also get all the default emoticons which you use to have in famous apps like WhatsApp, Twitter etc. you can have more interesting keyboards here.

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