Download Slow Shutter for Free, the application for long-exposure photos


There are different methods to know which applications go from being paid to free in the App Store, albeit temporarily. But there is a road seldom see, I’m the first one who finds it hard because I do not remember it’s there. This is the official app for the Apple Store for iOS.

Apple launches it offers and the latest affects Slow Shutter , a photo application that allows us to capture long exposure. One option that will allow us to create attractive shots in which the main object, its movement.

With option to shoot at a speed of 1, 3 or 10 seconds , sensitivity adjustment and three modes (light, normal and night), the application provides everything you need to be able to capture that not long ago was something unique DSLR cameras.


Also, with the arrival of iOS 8 applications Manual including manual settings let you control camera iPhone or iPad. Therefore, from them we can also shoot long exposure to vary this and other values.

If you seek in the App Store you will see how the price is 1.99 euros. But if you have been offered the Apple Store app will redirect you to the app store (you have to go down and see a banner with the application promotion) and a code for free download is inserted. So you know, if you are interested Seize it will be available until March 28 or while stocks of such codes.

How to download the application Sutter Slow

To download the Slow Shutter application procedure is as follows:

  • Install the application Apple Store on your iPhone (in some stores you cannot find the application)
  • Open the app and see at featured a banner with the implementation Slow Shutter
  • When you access the information you will see a button to download. It will redirect you to the App Store, redeem code section
  • Do tap on exchange and introduce the password for your Apple ID

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