Download Stealth AppLock: Security gets More Secure with the best Apps locker for Android.


Let’s cut straight to the chase- How many times do you have to enter your lock code to use your locked apps? Each time, right? And how many times a day- atleast 20 times, and at most 50! Old school!! Introducing, for the very first time, a one-stop solution for all your privacy related issues! Now dare to show your phone to your girlfriend and parents, trust me, they won’t be able to trace out the security your phone is having.

Enuke is up with yet another innovative app- Stealth AppLock. Stealth App Lock, as name suggests, provides you the non-visible security, people will not even know that you have extra security for the apps you do not want others to access. It works on multi-user profiling concept, where you define two different unlock patterns, one for admin (thats you) and another for rest.  As soon as you enter with admin pattern, your phone will show all the apps installed on your smartphone with all the functionalities working properly. When someone logins with the guest pattern, the restricted apps won’t start up pretending as if there is an app breakdown. Not only that, you can also hide app icons completely.

Stealth AppLock provides other innovative features that you always wanted to have in your app lock, but couldn’t figure out one. This time, we have  tried to capture the most common issues, habits and thoughts of smartphone users and came up with a perfect mix of the all these to provide you a one-stop solution for all your privacy concerns. Some of the key features of the app are:

  • Restrict Apps without creating entry barriers
  • Locks any app you want, including Messages, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls, protecting your privacy.
  • Restrictive profile, to keep confidential data/apps exclusive. Also useful for businesses, using tabs for business purposes.
  • Automatic lock at given time
  • Locks incoming or outgoing calls
  • Lock system Settings
  • Lock Google play
  • Lock system Settings
  • Completely hide the apps using in-built launcher
  • Stealth Lock can be prevented from being uninstall
  • Stealth Lock cannot be killed by task killers
  • Little memory footprint and power-saving

Stealth App Locker

You can download it from following link

Stealth App Lock on Google Play Store.


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