Dumpster for Android, a full recycle bin to recover files and applications

One thing that many users sorely lacking in Android is the operating system lacks Recycle Bin to recover accidentally deleted files, but fortunately there are third-party applications that allow us to install our devices a paper to support our data.

The most popular application for this is Dumpster , which offers a full trash that allows us to recover photos, videos, music, videos, documents and any type of file , including applications. The delete a file the application will save a copy to recover the file later.

Dumpster also supports updates of our applications , so if a new version of an application may not work correctly because of this recycle bin back to the previous versionby uninstalling the application no longer works and installing the APK from the previous version the application that kept us Dumpster.

The trash Dumpster is free but paying 2.99 euros eliminate advertising and protect the trash can with a screen lock.

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