Early Reports Says: 18% of the owners of an iPhone 6 will buy the Apple Watch


Just over a month ago a survey stated that 10% of iPhone owners would buy “very likely” an Apple Watch. But what if we focus only on those with a latest model iPhone? Well according to a new study , it appears that 18% of those with an iPhone 6 Apple clock be purchased.

And that 18% are people who will buy it “definitely” if we add those who will buy it “probably” the percentage increases to 29%. They are good and bad news for Apple users since become reality would have a good stock shortages during the first few weeks.


As to why users of iPhone 6 more encouraged to buy the Apple Watch, there are several possible reasons: among them there to tell the early adopters who always buy new technology as leaves , for example. O all who just dabble Apple brand and want to have this new product category.

What is certain is that, like any survey, keep in mind that reliable figures are not one hundred percent. I will not say that the survey is completely wrong, after several studies clafo is Apple’s clock can be the first wearable highlighting sales .

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