Effective Educational Software for Students 2020.

Technology has impacted different sectors, including the education sector. Different educational software makes learning and teaching easier and can be done remotely, even during the current pandemic period. Though education institutions are known to lag, recently, more than 70% have embraced the use of technology.

The students can now learn at their fullest potential with much time to enjoy other activities as the software make work easy with a lot of time saved. Here is the effective educational software that every student should consider in 2020.

Effective Educational Software


OneNote is an education software that allows students to take notes using a touchscreen PC. Students get to highlight, scribble, and mark things up using a pen with much ease. The time spent in taking notes is significantly reduced leaving more time for students to read through their work

Apart from note-taking, OneNote keeps all essential work in one place together with the shared files. Snipping of articles from the internet can be done suing OneNote clipper that makes it possible to refer to it offline.

Notebooks can also be shared on the platform allowing students to brainstorm ideas for shared projects. There is a mobile version of the software with no subscription fee as the OneNote is free.

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Edmodo is a perfect software where students and teachers can connect to share educational content.  Teachers can post assignments, videos, lecture notes, and any other material into one site where every student can find.  The software is useful for students seeking educational content related to their coursework.

The good thing is that information is well organized into various categories that make it easy for students to find what they want. Students love the platform as they get to express their opinions as they engage vibrantly in an online classroom community.

What’s more, the parents are not left out as they can stay in sync with their teacher for updates to allow them to support their children at home.


GeoGebra is an ideal software that makes mathematical learning easier for entry-level and advanced students.  It assists in geometry, graphing, spreadsheets, algebra, and other solving other mathematical problems. Students can share their work with others and view that of others, thus facilitating remote group work.

The software is compatible with many devices, including smartphones allowing the students to work anywhere anytime. The tool is free online and thus does not require any payment plan to use. There are countless classroom resources that students can benefit from, including simulations, free activities, lessons, exercises, and games for science and math.

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Nebo app is ideal for touchscreen laptops for taking notes effectively. It gives students a blank canvas where they can scribble their thoughts without the need for a book and a pen. The product was developed by MyScript, and it is compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

The Nebo has a benchmark feature that transcribes students writing in real-time, even those considered less-legible. Performing math equations can also be done with ease with the ability to add images to allow all types of content to be organized in one place. The material can be copied with the ability to move and resize.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an application that allows students to organize their work into different categories in one place. It makes it easy to work with others as the work can be shared for viewing and editing.  While the other apps such as Dropbox and Microsoft have come with collaborative features, google drive remains on top.

The schools can assign a drive account to their students to allow them to work on shared projects over slides, sheets, and Docs. There are also Google Photos incorporated into the app that helps students to save and organize their images from Android or iPhone devices, making it one of the best educational software in the world.


Learning has been made easier and more entraining with the introduction of effective educational software for students. What students need is to get PC, especially those with a touchscreen, to make their learning less stressful. Similarly, some new software like this remote team management software can also be included in this category.

Most of the software are compatible with mobile devices, thus allowing the students to learn anywhere anytime. The students should seek to know which kind of software would assist them the most and embrace it for better learning.

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