Environmental Benefits of Online Casinos.

No one can dispute that gambling has been an immensely popular activity throughout the ages. Evidence suggests it existed in an organized form as far as back as 200 BC. Today, estimates say that the global gambling market will hit $525 billion by 2023, as it keeps growing year to year, supporting numerous other industries. That said, in the past two decades its been facing an ever-fiercer contender in online casinos, and it is not just players who are enjoying the benefits of these platforms, but so is the environment.

The expansion of the gambling industry has come with the development of large-scale complexes, which have increased tourism and jobs to specific regions but also have contributed to wildlife endangerment, soil erosion, air pollution, escalating waste, and more. As bizarre as it may sound, the number one cause of bird mortality in gambling cities is their collision with buildings.

Casino development also negatively affected green zones. For example, Macau, the world’s gambling capital, saw green zones on its peninsula drop from 1.17 km2 in 2003 to 0.97 km2 five years later. These issues are unavoidable as the land-based industry expands. However, the best online casinos can provide a comparable gaming experience while being an eco-friendlier alternative.

Online Casino Benefits

Eliminating Carbon Emissions

As we mentioned, the gambling industry heavily supports other sectors, and tourism is at the top of the list. According to travel trends, casino tourism is booming. Australia alone greets over one million Chinese gamblers each year, and the overall number stands at ten million.

For people to arrive at these gambling hot spots, they have to travel. If people are flying in these kinds of numbers to gamble, and since aviation is responsible for 12% of all CO2 emissions, we can easily deduce the impact that the casino industry has on our atmosphere. If we add all those that make long trips by car to these destinations, we further realize the damage that casino travel does.

Seeing as online casinos operate on the internet, they let players enjoy all casino games found at land-based establishments from the palm of their hand, safely via mobile casinos. If these platforms didn’t exist, more people would travel to real-life venues to experience the entertainment and thrills that slots or a hand of blackjack provide.

Less Electricity Consumption

The Vegas Strip requires so much electricity to power all its rooms, restaurants, flashy signs, and gaming machines, that 86% of Nevada’s energy comes from outside the state, as casinos consume 20% of it. A state of affairs found at many gambling destinations, as the venues that house the games need a lot of juice to operate and service everyone inside.

Mayors and governors are aware of what these venues are doing to the environment, which is why they are signing bills that aim to increase the use of renewable energy resources, including the rise of solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power plants. They are also forcing resorts to cut down on air conditioners and implement mandatory central heating/cooling systems while advising tourists and locals to use public transport.

Online casino technology requires a server that houses the games and websites where players can access these. Of course, a server requires power to run, and the more traffic it gets, the more power it needs to maintain stability and provide the expected service. On average, a server uses about 850 watts per hour. So, energy consumption on the operator’s side of things is not massive, and the user only needs access to a charged-up phone and the internet to play slots. So, there is no comparison between what an online casino uses and its land-based equivalent.

No Raw Material Consumption

Playing games of chance on the internet does not require anyone chopping down a forest, digging through the earth for minerals, or using a ton of gas to transport everything needed to construct a giant building. Modern-day resorts are complex construction projects that take years to come to fruition. For example, it took upwards of six months to remove only the soil from the site of the Wynn casino in Boston. The casino doesn’t just damage its surrounding environment, but it also harms faraway places, which get depleted of their natural resources to provide all that is necessary for its construction.

Thankfully, in recent years there has been an increase in the use of secondary raw and synthetic materials. Nevertheless, an online casino can exist in any building that has an adequate electrical supply to power its servers and which has access to high-speed internet. They do not require that much electricity to operate, and players only need a mobile device or laptop to play. So, it has no construction costs, sans that of its virtual infrastructure, and mother nature doesn’t suffer due to those expenses.

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