Escape Prison 3 :The Morgue 3.2.2 apk. Latest update version.

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Escape prison 3 is the android strategy type of game, very interesting though. There is a situation on you that you have been sentence a prison of fifteen years and you have already spent ten years imprisonment. Now for the last five years you are so fed up of this imprisonment that you plan the escape, because you are sentences for the sin you did not actually commit. Now the game runs like you make your own self in this situation what would you do?

All the possible moves you need to try and the amazing part is that you also have the clues and material that helps you in getting out of the prison, you need to solve the puzzle and you need to progress your way out of this unwanted prison. To give twist in the Escape prison 3 : The Morgue 3.2.2 and to make it even more interesting there is also another illness amnesia that has been caused by the fight you did with your inmate.

Now make your way out, obviously it is a strategy game so you need to use your brain because the thing is that due to amnesia you do not always remember all the clues to make your way out so the clues that are dim means that these can’t be used, for the specific time because of the illness you have. You can change the crime scenes by swiping against the screen.

Escape prison 3 : The Morgue 3.2.2 Description :

I guess it comes down to a simple choice:get busy living or get busy dying.
You have been imprisoned for a crime you did not commit..You have served 10 years of your life-sentance so far,but for the last 5 years you have been planning your escape.
You have to remind yourself that some birds don’t mean to be caged . Their feathers are just too bright.
After a fight in the yard with an inmate,you have a case of amnesia!
Tonight is the night,so can you find all of the clues you have planted and break out of prison?!Escape if you can!

You can swipe to change different escape scenes
You’ll need to gather some items and use those items in solving puzzles. Just have a little patience,Can you Escape?

How to Download and install the Escape prison 3 : The Morgue 3.2.2 apk :

1- First of all make sure to download the Angry Birds Transformers apk from the link given below.

2- Escape prison 3 : The Morgue 3.2.2.

3- Make sure to check the Unknown Source option in Settings> Security menu.

4- Install and enjoy the best out of the Angry Birds Transformers game.

5- Done!


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