Facebook 4.0 to be updated with the new flat looks.


After the introduction of Flat screen clean User Interface both by Apple and Google in their latest firmware most of the famous social networks apps decided to follow the pattern. So after Twitter, Facebook also wants to get the modern looks and feels.

The Facebook 4.0 for Android is ready to roll out and soon you will see the update available for the new flat faced interface of the world’s largest Social Network with well over Billion users across the globe. The new flat looks makes it more cool than before and more like an iOS 7 app.

The older hamburger menu has been removed and there is a new title appeared on the top left corner of the screen to make navigation easier. Just below the title there us the navigation bar with the icons to make you shift to other pages of the app. There appears to be one for your Newsfeed, Friend Requests, Messages, Check-ins, and your Settings menu.

If you love the modern iOS 7 flat look style then you should update the Facebook app for your Android devices and if you are the one who isn’t satisfied with the new iOS 7 flat user interface than you should stick with the current version of the Facebook app. However the new Facebook app is still in beta testing phase, once cleared the update will show up on the Google Play Store.

Here is the Official Link to Facebook App for the Google Play Store. Keep in touch to get the update firs for your Android device.

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