Facebook Home got some worst feedback by Android Users.

Facebook Home reviews

Just 2 days ago Facebook Home was launched for selected Android users on the Google Play. The devices list that were selected for the Facebook home includes Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Nexus 4, HTC One and One X and Samsung Galaxy Note II. But it seems like most of the users who installed the official Facebook Home from the Google Play Store aren’t quite satisfied.

Almost half of those who experienced this Launcher app have given 1 star out of 5. That was the first time an official app from a giant Social Network got that much hate in Google Play store. Facebook’s original app also wasn’t quite smooth and was full of bugs for Android platform, but facebook developers later resolved all the bugs and glitches and make it faster and stable in a continuous series of updates that satisfied the users later.

But Facebook Home has been on the target list as out of 2 days voting the app dropped to an average level of 2.5 stars was really disappointing  as among them over 44% has voted for 1 star, that seems if there was an option of zero stars most of those 44% would like to pick that Zero star.


It seems that users were not really prepared for something like that. Among the reasons given in the comments are the fact that the application is useful only for heavy users of Facebook, which is not customizable or makes more difficult to access other features of Android. We have witnessed many surveys that most people have started migrating from facebook as well so the only Facebook Home isn’t serving much for users.

However some Facebook worms have liked the idea who mostly used their smartphone in browsing their timeline and stalking other users the whole day. They seem to be satisfied and convinced with the great visual interface and speed with which the feeds are being shown on the home screen.

The Facebook Home idea is unique and cool at the same time but it can’t satisfy the masses. Yet there is possibilities of it’s success if Facebook make some changes and add some new features into the app. My personal favorite feature that made me impressed was the integration of Facebook Messenger and my Phone SMS application,  and a real cool pop up Facebook messenger notification that can even be used if you are not using Facebook launcher.

Some of the users expressed their experience after using the app in such a way.



If you could not find the Facebook Home app on the Google Store a separate link have been shared in this article. Give it a try and let us know what you experienced.

Read the instructions and download Facebook Home.

Image Source: Mashable