Facebook Home Hits 500K Downloads In just Five Days on Google Play Store.

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Facebook Home has been the most controversial application ever launched on Android platforms. Earlier we have talked about the  lowest grade of likeness by the users while now we noticed that the download figure has been touching the 5000,000 mark  on Google Play store. Remembering the fact that the official app was uploaded on Google Play store on 16th of April. As this app is still available on selected Android devices which are Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, HTC One, One X , HTC first and the Google LG Nexus. The download figure can increase with addition of all Android devices as we know that there are hundreds of millions of users using Facebook on Android devices.

In the last 6 days that Facebook Home has been available on Google Play has become the most downloaded app for the last week alone.  but most of them has chosen a one star in ratings that means it is still poor, and with an average score of 2.2 . If we look out the history the most and the fastest downloaded app on Android platform was Instagram. Which already was quite popular on iOS platform. When the app hit the Google Play Store it was downloaded 1 million times a day and reached 5 million mark in the same period that made Facebook achieve their 500,000th download.

Facebook home allows you to have an extra layer over Android desktop from which you can access all your features of Facebook from the homepage. It works more like a third party launcher as Android have some popular ones like Nova launcher, Go Launcher etc. However this Facebook Home launcher have new features like Facebook chat heads and the integrated Facebook Messenger which has been integrated with the official SMS messenger of the device.

 We’ll see if Facebook Home achieves trace these numbers and especially that assessment, which may happen when the tool is available for many more terminals officially. Although Facebook limited its application to a handful of Android smartphones, soon appeared packets APK to be able to install on any other device.


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