Fantastical 2 for Mac finally available on the Mac App Store

Fantastical 2 for Mac finally available on the Mac App Store

If only six days ago we went along that Fantastical 2 maybe the best manager calendar available for iOS, would be available for Mac. Today has finally arrived that day and for a few hours can download it to enjoy on your Mac if you already you did on your iOS device. Flexibits has taken this powerful application to OS X (specially designed for Yosemite) and finally can have all your events controlled on all your devices.

Shortcuts, powerful views per day, month, year … Motor completely intuitive grammatical analysis, support for calendar entries reminders via iCloud, sort your events by time zone in which you are … If you are those who want to manage your events and appointments to “pat” I fear Fantastical 2 is your application.

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I think watching this video you have provided us responsible for Flexibits we can get a general idea of the full potential Fantastical offers. Both integration with Safari , the ability to create reminders via voice memos, widgets that run directly on our Notification Center.Create calendars different groups according to where we are. Fantastical 2 allows us to introduce voice commands such as “Remind me to call the job in 1 hour” and we will automatically add a reminder to within an hour. We can even create us reminders and have them displayed by geographic area we are in. Now it is available on the Mac App Store with 20% discount as introductory offer for a limited time.

In the Mac App Store | Fantastical 2

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