FIFA 14 to be released on September 27th with latest Ultimate Team Gold Pack features.

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EA Sports seems to be geared up and ready for the next version of its most popular soccer game, FIFA 14. The details about the game have been announced by the company in a recent press conference. The FIFA 14 will be available for pre-orders on September 27th for all UK residents. However yet there are no confirming reports for the release date or pre-orders for the FIFA 14 in United States.

In UK the game will be released on all platforms including Microsoft’s latest Xbox One which has been shown in the Keynote of the product. While the developers at EA Sports reported that the game will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and for PC.  Anyone who pre-orders the game for these 3 platforms will get a special FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Gold Pack for free.

The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Gold Pack is a newly added feature in this special Gold Pack feature the game will get 24 gold packs, as scheduled for one per week and this will continue for 24 weeks. Each of these packs will contain special items which will be used to strengthen the player’s team. So having a good strong profile is made more important in this version of FIFA. The players will receive these gold packs which will be a mix of 12 items, which will include additional new players, new contracts for players, new manager staff for your team, new Fitness training and levels, new healing stats, New stadiums which will be unlocked periodically, and new balls, kits and badges for your team. The new players which will be available in Gold Packs will be having attributes of 75 or more in game, and will be blessed with one more rare feature such as one enhanced player attribute, a larger player contract period and you can even found the most devoted player. All these information has been described in the official press release of the EA Sports.

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Moreover the Folks at EA games revealed that there are over 3.4 million FIFA Ultimate Team games have been played daily online. The figure is quite interesting and shows that FIFA is also one of the most online played sports game currently. In addition to that the reports show that there are over 17 million footballers transferred through the FIFA markets daily. This shows how much the gamers are keen to keep up their squad close to the real-world teams, and some of them love to gather all their favorite players to the same team, no matter which club these players are from, the gamers want to purchase them and put them in their squads.

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The whole press release shows that the FIFA 14 will be yet another gem of a game, with new addiction features added to it. Thus the UK fans can start pre-ordering the game on the official EA store or they can make an order through Amazon UK.

EA Sports also confirms a deal with the recently announced Microsoft Xbox One, to bring the other most anticipated EA Sports trademark games, including Madden NFL, UFC, and NBA.

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