First ever iPhone 6 Drop test happened accidentally in Australia.


The iPhone 6 reached the Australian city of Perth and the first guy who got his hands on it dropped it on the street while unboxing infront of hundreds of iPhone 6 customers waiting in line for their first iPhone 6. The incident took place on Perth and it was being televised live on one of the National Tv Channel in Australia (Perth News) after the reporter asked him to show his most anticipated smartphone.

The guy in the image named Crooskey rushed to open the box to show his new iPhone which he reserved in an Online request. This rashness shown by him in opening it in mid air made his device drop on the street, and this is recorded as the first ever iPhone 6 Drop Test about 4 feet of the ground.

The iPhone 6 reportedly survive the accident but there were some scratches shown on the device.  But after a 2 days wait in line such an act would hurt him badly. Off course his iPhone 6 would lost its value upto 30% with those scratches found on the body of a brand new device which was not even boot for the first time. Here is what he was saying “I am surprised, I didn’t expect to be the first one out of the doors,” Mr Cooksey said. “I reserved it online, it was much easier, I got here at 6am this morning… they rushed us in and I got my phone and I’m super excited. “I’ve got the 4S, it’s definitely lighter, thinner and it’s got a bigger screen,” he said.


Now do he get any Insurance ? Wait, no Not at all. He is to live with all those scratches on his brand new iPhone 6. Or he might sell this and get some Loan and buy a new one. Now watch the video of the incident as reported on a Facebook page.

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