How to fix Black Screen Youtube error on Google Chrome.

We all have been using the best video site YouTube for quite some time now, but recently with some updates of the Google Chrome browser in 2016, most of the users have started facing this YouTube Black Screen error whenever they try to run a new video. In most cases, people have complained that this is more common when users tap on the HD version of a video, with a resolution of more then 720p. In some cases, the issue has been seen in the videos with 60 frames per second.

How to Fix Black Screen YouTube error:

Since this error remains quite there even when you refresh the page showing the black YouTube Screen again. Today we will let you know how to fix this Black Screen YouTube Error on your fastest Google Chrome Browser. Most of the users who have been facing this issue started opening the YouTube site on their Mozilla Firefox or even on the latest Microsoft Edge browser which has been released with the latest Windows 10 OS.

Black Screen Youtube error

Follw this Step-by-step guide to Fix Black Screen YouTube error:

All you have to do is follow this step-by-step guide to make your YouTube work properly.

1- Open your Google Chrome Browser.

2- After that open the new tab and in the address bare type Chrome://Flags and press the enter button.

3- Now you have to find some really useful code here and for that in this page you have to press Ctrl+F, which opens the Find tab for you.


4- Search for the term Hardware-Accelerated video decode and tap on enter.


5- Once you see the option as seen in the image above simple disable the option.


6- As soon as you disable the option you will see a new Relaunch button on the bottom of the screen, all you have to do is press it and the chrome will relaunch.

That’s it. Now you can simply browse your YouTube site or channel the way you used to do earlier. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the latest more flat YouTube design then read this guide.

How to get Latest YouTube Design/User Interface on Google Chrome Browser.

YouTube Material Design UI

We hope that your issue with the YouTube Black Screen for the Google Chrome browser might get fixed.

Now if you are facing the same issue on the Microsoft Edge browser all you need to know is fix the HTML 5 error by adding in your address bar to get the HTML 5 player for your new browser.

You can reach out YouTube Support if you face any other issues.

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