Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Battery drain issue while on Idle.

Recently most of us, the users of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have got the most anticipated Android 8 Oreo update. There are tons of new features added in this recent Android update. But it started draining my S9 battery at quite a faster pace.  It seems like a 3,000mAh battery for S9  and 3,500mAh battery for Galaxy S9 Plus isn’t enough for these latest smartphones from Samsung .We have come up with some real quick tips to let you fix this battery draining issue in your Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus devices.

With the smaller battery injected in and higher resolution display which eats up the whole battery of the device. You should follows some strict rules to get your Samsung Galaxy S9 up and running for longer and to get rid of the Idle battery drain issue that has been reported by some new users who are not much familiar with the Galaxy device usage. The Android devices always have lots of background apps and processes running in background. Same has been seen in the latest Samsung flagship devices as well. So to get most out of the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery you have to follow all these instructions given below in this guide.

Mostly the battery is consumed by the communication apps those include all. But in this recent case that I have experienced was the draining of battery during idle time, Like when I sleep at 12:00 am with the battery at 100%, I would woke up after 7-8 hours and my Galaxy S9 will show the battery around 60-65%. That was a great battery drainage amount while the device is on sleep.

Moreover I didn’t even rooted and my device and have got the official update of Android 8.0 OTA. With a lot of research and experiments I have come up with the fix to this battery draining issue while Idle or Sleep on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

How to Increase Screen On Time (SOT) to 5 to 6 Hours Daily:

All you have to do is check out following features disabled on your device.

1- Android Device Manager.

2- Location method

3- Google Location History

4- Synchronization.

How to Fix Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Battery Drain Issue:

If you successfully disable these 4 options, your S9 & S9+ Battery draining issue while sleep or Idle will almost solve immediately. Follow these steps given below.

1)- To Turn off the Android Device manager, You have to go to Settings> Lock Screen and Security > Other Security Settings > Device Administrators > Android Device Manager make sure to turn it off.

2)- Go to the Location icon on the drop down menu, Select location method and change it from GPS to Wifi

3)- To turn off Google location history, Go to Location icon in drop down menu, and at the end of the screen go to the Google Location History and disable it.

4)- Make sure to disable Auto files synchronization process. So that if you really want to backup/ synchronize any data with your phone, you can do it manually.

After following all mentioned steps my Galaxy S9 battery is responding quite well with 2-3% battery level dropping while on 7-8 idle period which seems to be quite working for me.

Now looking at the special features especially loaded in these Samsung Galaxy S9 models are the Performance modes that needed to be addressed properly. You have to go for the best optimized mode to get the lower battery consumption. Or if you have turned on the High Performance mode you will not get the required improvement in the battery timing of the device.

I have followed all the above mentioned instructions and I am now getting the best of 7-8 hours of Screen On Time (SOT).

Latest update available for Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 devices.

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