Fix Invalid MMI Code Error On Huawei Phone [ How To ]


Huawei is taking over the Android market with his awesome devices with low prices, there are many high end devices from Huawei and now they are working on their own OS. But there is no such device which can be issue proof. Huawei users are reporting that they are facing MMI code error, here’s how you can fix nvalid MMI Code Error On Huawei Phone. Follow the steps mentioned in the following guide in order to Fix Invalid MMI Code Error On Huawei Phone.

How To Fix Invalid MMI Code Error On Huawei Phone:


Step#1: First boot your Huawei device into safe mod, now use the code which was not working.

Step#2: Uninstall all the recent apps you’ve installed before start facing this issue.

Step#3: Use (,) at the end of the code. ( 29047#, ) you can also use + after (). *+29047#.

Step#4: dial ##4636## from your dial pad.

Step#5: Tap on information/ Device.

Step#6: Tap on “Run Ping test”.

Step#7: Tap on “Turn off radio” after the ping test is done.

Step#8: Now tap on “turn on IMS over SMS”.

Step#9: Reboot your phone.

Step#10: Reboot your device 5-6 times, also re-install the OS.

Step#11: Go to Settings on your phone > Network connection > Mobile networks > Network Operators.

All Done… !!

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