Fix lag issues on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag issue

Are you using Samsung Galaxy S4? We know it is one of the best brand of Samsung and has a improve rank in smartphone market.

But with its 1.9 GHz quad core Snapdragon 600 which should be the fastest device you have ever used. But sadly, for a lot of people, this simply isn’t the case.

Whether the issue is one of perception, or if there’s something wrong under the hood, the device seems quite laggy a lot of the time, and it can certainly tarnish your experience of the device, as I have personally found.

Fortunately, through a long and tedious process of trial, error and reading far too many XDA threads, I have found some things you can do to really help with lag:

  1. If you haven’t already, enable developer options. Although on the Galaxy S4, you will have to take the extra step of going to the ‘More” tab once you are in the settings application.
  2. In the developer options, scroll down to ‘Window animation scale’. Set this to 0.5X, and repeat for ‘Transition animation scale’ and ‘Animation duration scale’.
  3. Double tap the home button to launch S-Voice. Then hit the menu button and open up settings. Uncheck the box marked ‘Open via the home key’. This will disable the double click of the home button to launch S-voice, which should reduce the lag when pressing home. If for some reason you actually want to use S-Voice, you can access it from the application tray.
  4. Download Quickpic from the Play Store. Never open Samsung’s gallery again.
  5. If you’ve gone ahead and rooted your Galaxy S4, install CyanogenMod. You’re welcome.


Hopefully this guide will prove as more beneficial for you. I know it’s really made my Galaxy a lot faster and even though I still see the occasional lag, it doesn’t interfere with how I use the phone any more. Now we just have to wait until Samsung rolls out an OTA update that will make the device really fly.

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