Fix Network Issues On Samsung Galaxy S2 Easy Guide



Samsung Galaxy S2 was an awesome smartphone, but users start facing problems on this smartphone since they start using this smartphone. Camera problems , WiFi problems ,random reboot issues , battery problems but rite now the most common problem which users are facing is the network problem. In this problem your smartphone keeps searching for network or there are no signals on your smartphone . Sometimes there is a problem with the coverage in such case you need to contact with your service provider . Following is a simple guide on you canĀ Fix Network Issues On Samsung Galaxy S2 Easy Guide.

Procedure :

Sometimes your smartphone automatically goes in to airplane mode and in airplane mode you smartphone stop receiving signals .When you see cross sign on the signal sign then your smartphone is in airplane mode . To turn off airplane mode follow the guide below.

Go to settings > more settings > unchecked airplane mode option.

When your smartphone keeps searching for signals follow the guide below to solve this.

Step 1:Switch off your smartphone .

Step 2:Pull out the battery of your smartphone .

Step 3:Now press and hold the power button for 30 seconds .

Step 4:Insert the battery .

Step 5:Turn on your smartphone .


Step 6:Your smartphone will take 2 or 3 minutes to catch signals .

Step 7:If your smartphone keep searchingĀ for signals then go to settings > more settings >mobile networks > network mode > now select the network in your area . If you don’t know the network mode then try selecting one after other .

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