Fix Purple Spot issue in Samsung Galaxy S6 Front Camera.


Samsung has created a new standard by designing its Galaxy S6 Smartphone. The latest Smartphone comes up with advanced Samsung technology and unbeatable mobile experience in market. Galaxy S6 is beautifully crafted from metal and glass with outstanding at unique beauty providing solid grip and mighty features. The Smartphone is available in white pearl, black sapphire, gold platinum and blue topaz.

After a great hard work by Samsung Galaxy S6 it was launched in April. Right after the launch of Galaxy S6 many users started complaining about its battery drainage issues, charging and front facing camera etc. The developers try their best to resolve every problem and provide best service for their users, nothing in this world is perfect every device has its own advantages and shortcomings it’s impossible to be 100% perfect. The same issue has been seen in other manufacturers smartphone like Sony and iPhone 5.

Samsung is the leader in Android market and earning huge revenues after the launch of Galaxy S6, it’s selling as the hottest product in market. Samsung take care of its customers and quickly responds to their problems and fixes it as soon as possible by announcing new updates.

Samsung galaxy S6 is consisting of 5MP front facing camera with f.1.9 aperture for high quality shots on low quality situations. A few weeks before Samsung users encounters a problem with the front facing camera of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Few Reddit started complaining about this issue. They highlighted that there are red, purple and blue spots in their pictures. Only few users faced this issue for others it was working perfectly. The users encounter problems in front facing camera the back camera was fine.

To check the problem in your Samsung Galaxy S6 device turn off the lights and make the room deep dark. Now take a picture with front facing camera. If you see any blue, purple, red spots then the main issue is in the hardware and you should contact the shopkeeper who provides that phone or the customer service for the replacement of the device. Some tips can also solve this problem read the given solutions.

Reset Galaxy S6 camera data:

Go to app drawer and click on the settings icon then search for device category and then go to applications. Go to all and search the camera option. Click on it and clear cache and clear data. Now reboot your device and launch the camera app. Now take new picture and check if this techniques works or not.


Change aspect ratio:

Many users highlighted the issue by saying that changing the aspect ratio will also solve this problem. Some people claimed that changing the image quality to 3.8MP and aspect ratio to 16:9 will fix the problem. To do so open camera app and click on settings icon. Tap on picture size (front) and select 3.8M (16:9) with resolution of 2592×1458 pixels.

Other issues seen in the Galaxy S6 smartphones are

1- Deep sleep issue

2- Not Registered Network

3- Vibration issue like the ones on Galaxy S5.

4- Camera failed problem

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