Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Not Charging Issue [How To]



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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was the best tablet device of 2013 but now you have Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the market which is far better than Galaxy Note 3 . Galaxy Note 3 has a large number of users rite now and rite now Galaxy Note 3 is best seller tablet , but again this tablet device is not bug free you have to face problems and bugs . The most common problem users are facing rite now is the Galaxy Note 3 not charging , this happens because the USB plug or the charging port become non responsive . Dust or lint causes the charging connection unresponsive and your Galaxy Note 3 didn’t charge when you plug in charger.Following is  a simple guide on how to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not charging problem .


Procedure :

Table of Contents

  • You can fix this problem of Galaxy Note 3 in two steps first you have to clean the USB plug of the charging cable .
  • Take a pin , paper clip or needle .
  • Put the paper clip , pin or needle in the USB port and move it side by side on the walls to clean dust or lint , make sure USB port is cleaned properly .
  • Now plug in the charger and check if the problem still occur then you have to clean the charging port of Galaxy Note 3 .

Procedure :

  • Switch off your Galaxy Note 3 and pull out the battery .
  • Take a dry tooth brush and slowly brush the charging the port of Galaxy Note 3 , do not brush too hard just make sure all the dust or lint is cleaned .
  • After cleaning the charging port plug in charger and check . If the problem is not solved contact repair shop for replacing the charging port or take a new cable .

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