Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 message notification error Easy Guide



Samsung Galaxy S3 was an awesome smartphone and after 3 years users still recommend Galaxy S3 . Because of its stylish design and easy to use apps this smartphone is very good for smartphone lovers. Now a days Samsung Galaxy S3 users are complaining about messages notification error . This is a very common problem on galaxy s3 in this problem you didn’t get any notifications for new message and when you open your messages you see that the new message is already seen. You can not able to open all messages and this problem is very irritating for you , you can’t know when you got new message and sometimes messages are very important for you. But don’t worry good news for you is we have a solution to this galaxy s3 message notification problem . Following is a simple guide on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 message notification error.

Procedure :

  • open settings .
  • go to application manager .
  • click on all apps .


  • now click badge provider .
  • now select clear data .
  • restart your galaxy s3.


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