Fix Slow Charging Problem On Samsung Galaxy S3 Easy Guide


Sometimes you face problems with your smartphone , slow battery  charging , fast battery drain ,  WiFi connection problems , random restart issue , messages notification problems etc. These problems are very irritating and you feel like hell when you use your smartphone . But don’t worry we today guide you how to solve slow battery charging problem on galaxy s3 . Fast battery drain or slow battery charging problem occurs because of software issue  , sometimes you need to clean the USB port and charger port of your smartphone . Dust causes connection problem and your smartphone charge slowly , sometimes you use fake or replica cables and fake cable causes slow battery charge .Following is a simple guide on how to solve slow battery charge of galaxy s3 .

Procedure :

  • First of all you need to clear the cache of your smartphone , clearing cache will solve this issue because sometimes unwanted data causes smartphone problems. To clear cache switch off your smartphone and then press and hold power+home+volume up buttons together . Your smartphone will boot in android recovery mode , select clear cache partition and then select reboot system now .
  • After clearing cache if the problem still occurs then you might do a master reset because you don’t know which app or system file is causing slow battery charge . To do master reset go  to settings > account > backup and reset > or you can do settings > account > automatic restore and backup my data > factory reset > device reset.
  • If you don’t want a master reset on your device then you can use Safe Mode to check weather any third party app is causing this slow charging issue . To boot your galaxy s3 in safe mode switch off your smartphone and turn it on when you see Samsung logo press volume down key until you see a home screen.In safe mode if your smartphone charges normally then a third party app is causing this problem and you need to delete all third party apps from your device .
  • You can also use system dump to solve this problem , open dialer and dial *#9900#. From the menu select low battery dump and turn it on . This option will solve slow battery charging problem of galaxy s3.

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