Fix The Notification Problem on Sony Xperia SP Easy Guide



Sony Xperia SP is the most popular smartphone from Sony , features , display , style , applications almost everything is brilliant in this smartphone. One of the most amazing thing in this smartphone is the notification bar at the bottom , this bar blinks each time you receive a message , email or any other notification. In the day time this feature is awesome for you but in night time its very irritating for some users and they are complaining about this . In the night when the bar blinks user irritates and they want to stop this bar blinking in the night time .F0llowig is a simple guide on how you can Fix The Notification Problem on Sony Xperia SP.

Procedure :

In Sony Xperia SP settings there is no such option that you can stop bar blinking in the night or you can stop bar blinking for specific period of time .But there is an app which can help you on this problem . App name is  illumination bar pro and you can download and install this app from Google Play Store for free.


illumiation bar pro

Features of Illumination Bar Pro:

  • You can change the color of light which blinks .
  • you can set specific color of light for your favorite contact .
  • You can set bar blinking off for a specific period of time .
  • This app supports notification from almost all apps .
  • You can set the speed of blinking and contrast of light colors .

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