Flash Player for Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Flash player for android, Android Flash player

Although there isn’t any Official Flash Player support for android devices that has the Android Jelly Bean or higher versions, but there are still ways to these Flash supported files that are being gradually updated.

You might have searched the Flash Player version on Google Play store if you lost your browser flash support after you updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. We found some original flash version on the Adobe flash player website.

The version of Flash for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been place there for months now and if you didn’t know it, you must consider yourself unlucky. But the good news now is the availability of a new Version of flash player which is available for Android Jellybean device, especially you are running Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 this update will help your devices to run Flash related content more stable. Tablet users can download it as well. 

 The process is explained down where you can find the latest player, Flash Player , which you can install manually with following the given instructions .You also have access to the older versions of  Adobe flash player that are available on their website but the latest version is recomended, it is more stable and working one.



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Keep in mind that this player is not compatible with Chrome browser for Android, but it does work with Firefox or other browsers like Dolphin Browser HD, which offer just as APK to achieve enjoy these contents without too much trouble.

Steps to Install the Flash Player manually :

  1. Download the Flash Player version here.
  2.  Connect your Device with PC If you downloaded it on PC
  3. Copy the Flash player *.apk file to your SD Card
  4. Run the file and install it using any file manager.
  5.  Now Start any Browser (Except Google Chrome as chrome doesn’t support this version of Flash)
  6. Open your browser settings and uncheck the option of Flash Player

Now finally you have the Latest Version of Flash for Android.

Just something to note here is Jelly bean isn’t Officially   Adobe Flash Player supported so therefore the speed of loading of Flash objects in HTML pages is not guaranteed at the highest levels. However, as tested, Flash Player behaves well with satisfactory results.

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