How to force Netflix 4k content on Samsung smart tv.

force Samsung Smart TV to show 4K Netflix content

Today I will try to let you know how to force Netflix 4K content on Samsung smart tv sets using some basic procedures. Before moving any further, you must realize that Samsung smart tv operate on a whole different operating System, known as Tizen. So all of you who have searched for the Android Tv fixes for displaying 4K content on these tv’s won’t work here on your Samsung smart TV. I have been a fan of 4K contents, since the picture quality is always amazing, So when there is enough 4K content available in the market I went for a Samsung KU7000 series smartTV to get the pleasure of watching the latest TV series in best available quality on Netflix.

But the things doesn’t seem to be that simple. Despite having one of the best 4k UHD HDR loaded smart TV I still had issues watching the 4K content on Netflix. I have searched for the internet connection for showing such high bandwidth eating image quality. In most cases I have found that different sites claim to have a 25 Mbps quite enough for Netflix to run its 4K streaming. While I was using the best connection in town and peaks around 70-75 MBps which can be converted in to 9-10 MB/s. I have tried to run the YouTube 4k Videos and the result was quite amazing.

My Samsung 4k UH HDR Tv not only supported those YouTube 4K videos but also managed to run it without any buffering or lag. I even played a whole 2 hours video in 4K and it didn’t even buffered once. But when it come to Netflix 4K content. It stops even showing the HD content. This is how I fixed the issue.

force Samsung Smart TV to show 4K Netflix content

How to Force Netflix to stream 4K content on Samsung Smart TV:

Before moving forward. These are the basic points that you should work on.

1- You must have a 4K UHD supported TV.

2- You must go for Netflix “platinum” plan, which costs $11.99 per month. If you are running with the basic $8 package then you should upgrade in 1st opportunity.

3- You should go for a stable DSL connection with minimum download speed of 25 Mbps.

4- Going for a Wired connection is better then being on WiFi connection. But it do work.

Now if you have all above things ready and still can’t watch the required 4k content on Netflix then you should follow this step by step guide to get most out of Netflix app for Samsung TV.

Step 1:- Update your Netflix App on your Samsung smart TV

The current Netflix for Tizen is v6.0.003 and was updated on 22/09/2016

Netflix 4k Samsung App

Step 2:- If your App is already updated you can re-install it on your TV. This will remove all the cache of the old version stored on your TV.

Step 3:- Once done simple sign in with your Netflix account credentials.

Force Netflix 4k on Samsung TV

Step 4:-  Now go for any 4K UHD supported video content on NetFlix. The best example is House of Cards or Breaking Bad new seasons, OR check out this list given here.

Step 5 :- The built in Netflix video player might start with low res video playback, but within a minute or so you will experience a full HD 1080p to 4K 3840 pixels ×2160 pixels on your screen.

That’s it. You can now clearly see the best video quality on your screen. If you have a 55 inch or larger Samsung smart tv, you can clearly distinguish between a HD video and a 4K streaming video. The difference is immense. But still there is no way by which you can verify if it was actually playing 4K content – information like format / bitrate etc.

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